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    June 13th 2019, 5:00-8:00pm
    Mettā Nairobi, Riverside

    Advance tickets - Ksh 800
    Advance couple/for 2 - Ksh 1500
    At The Door – Ksh 1000 (Mettā members Ksh 800)

    Do you want to fall in love with Public Speaking?
    The Nairobi SoapBox Club Night is an interactive workshop-style event for practising public speaking in a non-judgemental and fun environment. Using experiential learning techniques, we will get people out of their chairs, out of their comfort zone and actively involved but in a safe environment.
    There are plenty of public speaking workshops out there, so why come to this one?

    Fun topics, lots of laughter and a bit of silliness.

    Highly interactive, with plenty of 'impromptu' opportunities to get on stage and grab the mic.

    A panel of experts who will give you useful tips based on real-life experiences (and real-life mistakes!)

    At Nairobi SoapBox we believe in being UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOURSELF when you step on stage. Our goal is to make public speaking fun and less intimidating.
    Whether you're preparing a pitch to investors, sharing your life's work or giving a simple wedding toast, if you want to see a noticeable improvement in your skills and confidence to stand in front of a crowd and speak, come and join us, grab the mic and have a go.

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