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  • Money, Mindset & Entrepreneurship

    June 18th 2019, 6:00-8:30pm
    Mettā Nairobi, Riverside

    It's no surprise to learn that many startups don't survive their first year. But did you know that 29% fail because they run out of money?Starting a business is expensive. Even when you try to keep costs as low as possible, it's likely that you'll be spending a lot more than you're earning for some time. Your business will only be successful if you're evenutally able to bring in more than you spend.Seems pretty straightforward, eh? Yet so many entrepreneurs turn a blind end to these numbers. They have no idea how much money is coming in, or going out.Ready to change that? 

    In this workshop, Danielle will help you get to grips with your money matters.  You’ll learn how to easily calculate your personal and business budgets, how to translate that into your pricing and sales requirements and how to overcome and money blocks that may be keeping your business unsustainable.  

    Bringing a laptop is advisable, but not necessary.

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