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  • Mettā HR Roundtable: How To Retain Millenials?

    July 16th 2019, 8:30-10:30am
    California Tower 加州大廈

    Once the darling of HR and business periodicals the world over, the word ‘millennials’ doesn’t have the same click-bait appeal of 5 years ago. As we inch closer to Forbes 2020’s prediction that by next year 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials, surely the question of retaining millennials should simply become, how do we retain people?
    It would be easy to simplify the topic of talent retention, to generalise and say that all people want flexible work arrangements. All people want to work in an inclusive, empowered environment. All people want to be recognised. It would be easy to generalise and move on. However, talent retention is a complex and nuanced subject so while it would be correct, it would be incomplete.
    This roundtable aims to highlight the nature of these complexities by giving voice to the various challenges, setbacks, wins and lessons-learned from representatives of a wide range of Hong Kong organisations. Attendees will leave with real-world stories and advice that they can customise to the needs of their own businesses and communities.

    This roundtable is by invitation only but if you are interested please contact Bonnie at

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