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  • From Story-Telling to History-Making: How Brands Find A New Path to Grow

    June 6th 2019, 8:30-10:00am
    California Tower 加州大廈

    Greenwashing, poorly executed CSR initiatives and Damage Control have all caused huge trust issues in many markets, especially in countries like China. Research shows that the phrase Corporate Social Responsibility has started having negative effects on the willingness of consumers to buy. The days of building businesses on the sole premise of making money are now over. 
    New generations of consumers have higher expectations; they expect their purchases to no only have value from an experiential standpoint, but also from a broader impact point of view. They want their purchases to have meaning. 
    Transparency is the New Black.
    Brand Activism is an increasingly popular marketing practice in which companies voluntarily take a stance on what they think is “good" for society and the world. 
    Content: - History Intro: The Journey from Greenwashing, CSR and Damage Control to Purpose Marketing and Brand Activism (supported with showcases). How we got here?- WTF is Brand Activism? Everything you always wanted to ask about Mission, Purpose and Activist Branding- Main differences and similarities between Social Business and Business with an Activist Brand (supported with showcases). You don’t need to have a Social Business to make a difference.- Trends & recent research conclusions- Q&A

    Takeaways: Can your Brand or Business become a Sense-of-Purpose Brand?What types of Brand Activism are there and which one could be the best fit for your Business?BOYcotting vs BUYcotting: highlights on histories of success (from 2018 and 2019)

    Speaker Bio:Coral Puig, Co-Founder of TheLoveComes. Born in Barcelona and raised between Catalonia, Switzerland, and the USA, Coral experiences a multitude of culture through her travels. With an academic background in Anthropology, Economics, and Marketing, she applies the concept of human beings' desire to leave a lasting mark on the world to much of her work and marketing principles. In 2016, she began lecturing Marketing at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; and with over 25 years of experience in trade marketing departments of global leaders in FMCG, Personal Care, Hospitality and Fashion corporations, Coral understands the needs of businesses and marketing strategies. Her work and passion allow her to provide valuable insights to help brands achieve their objectives.

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