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  • Cultural Quest by Genteel

    March 7th 2019, 6:00-8:00pm
    Mettā Nairobi, Riverside

    Is Africa Facing An Identity Crisis?
    African traditions were largely passed on from one generation to another through, storytelling (myths, fables etc.). The next generation grew up with a deep understanding of where they are from, what it cost their fathers to get there and where they're headed. The set of values and practices that defined their lives served to create their culture, their pride, their identity.
    Rapid modernization, urbanization and technological advancement have led to the erosion of some of the cultures that thrived in yesteryears. Our identity has largely been defined by what we see on social media and movies which in most cases doesn’t really reflect our true cultural identity. If so, then it easily dilutes what is considered culturally correct by African standards.
    Though positive efforts have been made to preserve our cultural identity. Like digital archiving of cultural artefacts by Google Art, If we continue to ignore and/or preserve the value that our cultural heritage provides we will wake up in a few decades have no heritage to be proud of.
    This event is a panel discussion that will seek to unpack the question “Is Africa Facing An Identity Crisis” while at the same time serve as a launching pad for the ‘Cultural Quest” series by Genteel. The Cultural Quest is a journey of appreciation and discovery. Our aim is to rediscover & reclaim our cultural identity and express this through the language of fashion. This will be achieved through a series of expeditions to selected communities in Kenya with the aim of stitching together clothing that interweaves modern-day contemporary styles with a culturally conscious traditional backdrop. This Quest is the manifestation of our need to celebrate and recreate our identity via our African heritage.
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