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  • 3 Powerful Ways to Detox, Rejuvenate and Reboot

    January 10th 2019, 8:30-10:00am
    California Tower 加州大廈

    Looking for a powerful post holiday detox, and reboot?
    Cutting through the noise, Sheila from Protelicious  and Andrew from Joint Dynamics share some “evidence based light” on how to make three common resources, protein, movement, and breath, work better for us. Protein is to our bodies what water is to an ocean. Get the right type, and all the systems function optimally. Protein is not only for fitness: but for detox, immunity, mood support, and much more. No protein, no body, no life. While breath, an “on tap” resource, can be easily leveraged to reboot NOW (better sleep, focus, less stress..)with the correct techniques.


    Why and what type of  protein is key to regenerating total health, detox, immunity, mood stability and beautified skin, hair and nails.

    The difference between animal and plant based protein and what to look for in both

    The 4 distinguishing factors of quality protein

    Why we must replenish our supply daily and what type we need for optimal health.

    How to boost our immune as well as internal detox systems.

    The body’s need for movement, its effects on body and brain.

    Exercise as a stressor for the stimulus of growth or the stimulus for breakdown.- Protein helps support and mitigate these processes.

    Movement, stretching and exercise to support posture and it’s link to the breath, brain function and physical health and vitality.

    How much exercise (or little) can we get away with and what to do.

    Leverage the power of ancient yogic technology and learn quick and effective breathing techniques to destress, improve sleep and focus.  

    Canadian born, with a degree in Food Science from McGill University and Masters in Economics and Media Studies from University de Paris, throughout her life, Sheila has always retained a deep interest in the pathways between food and health. Along her journey, life challenges pushed her to utilize her knowledge, after which she went on to become an informal  resource, then both writing and speaking on the subject. Sheila recently co-founded and built the brand Protelicious, an innovative food brand company, combining health, science and gourmet taste, that provides simple yet delicious solutions for city dwellers, adults and kids alike looking to thrive rather than just survive in the urban jungle. Sheila is also a proud mother of three teens, a published author, a TEDx speaker and a dedicated Kundalini yoga teacher with over 5,000 hours of training, mentoring and teaching.

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