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  • Mettā Motivate: What does success look like to you?

    June 27th 2017, 7:00-10:00pm
    California Tower 加州大廈

    One person’s success is another person’s first step. Ever wondered what success looks like to you and where are you on this journey? Need clarity and perspective of where you want to go and how do you know when you’re there?  Professional coaches can be the answer. They are not mentors. They are not sponsors. However, they are a great support to help you find the answers within you. Metta is holding an interactive panel discussion with professional coaches Karen See, Mac Ling, and Surj Bahra, each focused on different aspects of one’s path to success. Join us for an opportunity to understand the role of coaches and how they can support you, your career, and your business.  Karen See, leadership coach Karen has lived in Sydney, London, New York and is now based in Hong Kong. With 25 years in corporate life and with regional roles in both Europe and Asia Pacific - she can truly claim to be a global executive having overseen over 50 countries.  Utilising her past experience in management, leadership and corporate branding she supports her clients to build their leadership presence. Living with the mantra of being, ‘happy, confident and successful every day’, Karen believes we are all a constant work-in-progress and is committed to arming (all that will let her) with the tools to be a better version of themselves.  Mac Ling, transformational coach Mac Ling is a facilitator for creating, accepting, and living a more fulfilling life.  He works cooperatively with his clients to illuminate uncharted paths on their life journey in a results-focused way.  Mac has a deep passion for working with people who are ready and willing to fight for what they want.  His own journey has led him down many paths, which has included working in companies and launching commercial and social ventures in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, and the United States, coaching and consulting for The Nature Conservancy, and writing for Foodie Magazine.  Mac Ling is an executive coach with Coaching Collective and has certifications from the Center for Advanced Coaching and Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. Surj Bahra, professional coach Surj is a professional coach who uses a foundation of mindfulness to take clients on the journey of self awareness to identify their strengths and challenges and map a plan to achieve their goals whilst keeping in mind their beliefs, values and motives.  She is also a certified image consultant that believes in effortless dressing that aligns with your personality and professional purpose so you can show how up in the world as your authentic self and concentrate on what’s most important to you. Surj has fifteen years of executive experience from a career in banking in London, UK.

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