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  • Launch of Mastermind Groups: Connect & Grow

    January 24th 2017, 7:00-8:30pm
    California Tower 加州大廈

    "Entrepreneurship is a journey best enjoyed with others who have walked the path before you" Being an entrepreneur is a journey that is often taken alone, lacking the peer or managerial support and accountability that nurture employees to success. By connecting with like-minded individuals in similar roles or industries, your network grows and you glean actionable insights that might otherwise take years to cultivate. Mettā is glad to facilitate your connection to up to four other like-minded individuals. Agenda: 19.00 Arrivals 19.15 Introduction & Overview of Masterminds concepts and benefits to entrepreneurs, with Richard McGirr [Mettā member, Greyloud] 19.30 Introducing New Mastermind Groups & Ambassadors from the Mettā membership 19.45 Audience Participation 20.00 Networking What is a Mastermind?Masterminds are groups of business owners [4-5 pax] meeting over the phone or in-person on a weekly basis to share their experiences and insights for the benefit of the group whilst getting help with their problems in return. All groups should be of business owners of similar experience, size, and nature of business. For example, health tech companies, serial entrepreneurs on their 2nd or third ventures, service businesses, profitable bootstrappers, funded startups with a valuation of a certain level, etc. Who should join a Mastermind?Entrepreneurs able to dedicate 60-90 minutes a week into building a stronger business by helping other business owners and learning from the experiences of other successful entrepreneurs, and making strong connections in the Hong Kongtechnology business community. Why join a Mastermind? Sharing experiences and advice Accountability: Entrepreneurs do not have managers, so a peer group to share action items brings discipline and accountability for the most important tasks. Building strong relationships: These relationships are an excellent source of new hires,potential investment, joint ventures opportunities, and customer referrals. Sign up as a Mastermind Ambassador! Keen to take charge of 2017 and start your own Mastermind group within a specific vertical or role function? Please apply here prior to the event, Mettā is here to facilitate!

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