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  • MinorMynas: Fireside Chat for Kids!

    January 14th 2017, 3:00-6:00pm
    California Tower 加州大廈

    Event Description:  Join us in an unique fireside chat... for kids! Nowadays, kids don't really give their future much thought or they are not sure what lies ahead of them so we are hosting this day to get their brains thinking on what's yet to come.  Moderated by Hillary Yip and Sasha Varlamov, the guests of the fireside chat are Dr. Winnie Tang and Mr. William Tang. Both being Hong Kong based successful entrepreneurs, Dr. Tang and Mr. Tang will share the insight of their journey to success, the life advice they would give to young people at the digital age, the skills they would suggest young people to acquire and their advice for budding entrepreneurs. Followed by the fireside chat, Ms. Alyssa Tam of AIA Edge will give a speech to the parent audience on "How can we help our children to live up their own dream".  The MinorMynas mobile app will then be introduced to the audience for the first time in public.   Event Rundown:  3:00-3:25 - Welcome, Warm Up and Settle Down 3:25-3:30 - Opening Remarks by Mettā, followed with Thank You Speech & Introduction by Hillary Yip and Sasha Varlamov 3:30-4:15 - Fireside Chat with Guests 4:15-4:30 - Open Floor Q&A Session for Audience  4:30-4:45 - "How can we help our children to live up their own dream" by Ms. Alyssa Tam, Director of AIA Edge, AIA Group Limited 4:45-5:15 - MinorMynas Mobile App Unvealed 5:15-5:45 - Free Chat Profile of Dr. Winnie Tang:  Dr. Winnie Tang JP is the Founder and Chairman of Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited, an international office of Esri which specializes in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, and is among the top 50 software companies in the world. Dr. Tang actively promotes ICT application through writing articles for a range of publications in which she also shares her views on environmental protection, tree conservation, smart city concepts and entrepreneurship. She has published 7 books in Chinese and English as well as over 200 research papers, newspaper articles and journals. Dr. Tang is a pioneer in bringing Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to benefit the public and private sectors in Hong Kong. She has also been actively advocating the use of technology through her services in government and non-government organizations. Major appointments that Dr. Tang currently holds include: Member of Election Committee (IT Subsector) 2007 to 2016; Member of Antiquities Advisory Board; Chairman of Kwai Tsing District Youth Programme Committee of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region Government; Founder and Chairman of Steering Committee of Smart City Consortium; Advisor of Our Hong Kong Foundation; Member of Computer Science Advisory Committee, Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong(HKU); Founder and Chairman of the Conservation E3 Foundation; Co-Founder and Board Member of eHealth Consortium; and Director of Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN).  Profile of Mr. William Tang:  Mr. William Tang is one of the best-known designers in Hong Kong and Asia. Known as the bad boy of Hong Kong fashion, Mr. Tang has never been one to take the conventional route. After studying economics and business and then hotel management, he decided on a career in fashion. Never sticking to one look, he prefers to experiment and innovate. But his business education provided a sound base for the more pragmatic aspect of fashion. Two of his retail labels in Asia are being sold through major department stores. He also opened his own workshop in Hong Kong and operated two shops, one in Paris and another one in Hong Kong's fashionable Lan Kwai Fong area. Aside from his work in design, the well-rounded Tang is a short story author and a travel, culture, and fashion writer for a number of newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong, as well as the host of a television program. Other major works of Mr. Tang include uniforms and interior designs for organizations such as the Hong Kong airport, the Miramar Hotel, IBA Bank, a housing development, and Hong Kong Dragon Aviation (Dragonair).  Profile of Sasha Varlamov:  Sasha, aged 16, first learned to program at eleven years old and ever since then he's been an active participant in the open source software community through online projects and events like hackathons. Sasha joined a music technology company leading the development of machine learning and back-end solutions at fifteen years old. In 2016, Sasha set out to start BitwiseHacks and has worked with partners including AT&T, Cathay Pacific and Microsoft in order to deliver hackathons to local university students to help them pursue their dreams with access to mentorship, funding, and jobs. Sasha also enjoys devoting time to help advise local entrepreneurs and startups on software development strategy, open source, and education.  Profile of Hillary Yip:  Hillary Yip, aged 11, is the founder of MinorMynas. She entered the AIA Emerging Entrepreneur Challenge in 2015 with the idea of MinorMynas, won the title of Best Business and 1st Place and continued to pursue the idea on her early entrepreneurial journey. The MinorMynas mobile app is currently under development and is scheduled to be launched in January 2017. She is a proud ambassador of Mettā.  MinorMynas Explained:  For children to learn languages other than their mother tongue is one of the top priorities of all parents. However, learning a foreign language is full of challenges and if you are either a child or a parent, you will be living and breathing all the problems so many face. MinorMynas sets out to revolutionise the way children learn languages which has been the same throughout the history of education. By eliminating teachers in the process, children naturally learn languages from each other through conversations on subjects that interest them, resulting a meaningful and effective learning. Children can communicate in the app anytime, anywhere with a tiny fraction of the cost their parents are currently paying.

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